March 13, 2024 Blog

(Video Series) Studio Sessions: Get a sneak peek inside the artist studios

Get to know the 2024 Cherry Street Pier Cohort by taking a peek inside their studios in Studio Sessions – a multi-part social media video series featuring vignettes of each artist. See them at work in their studios with an up-close look at their styles.

New videos will be released every Tuesday on the Pier’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, X ) and here. So, be sure to check back to see fresh content.

2024 Cohort:  Termite TV, Ana Thorne, SpArc Services, Santé Johnson and Kara Mshinda (GrioX Arts), Athena Scott, Michael A. Thomas, Thomcat23 and Beck DeMaul (Philly Otaku), Walls for Justice, Jillian M. Rock (Rock Press Studio), Caroline Stoughton, Amy Kelly (4 & 7), Cassie Jones (The Craft Coven), Christian Gaehde, and Bonnie MacAllister.

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Studio Sessions

Introduction: Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) Creative Director Sarah Eberle shares why being a resident artist is such a unique experience for Philly creatives. Learn more about our artist-in-residence program. DRWC considers new applicants every year!

 Studio 1 – Termite TV Collective:  Meet Termite TV Collective. A group of media artists that push the boundaries by breaking norms through disruption, experimentation, and community involvement. If you like thought-provoking, experimental media, Termite TV’s studio is the place for that and more.

 Studio 2 – SpArc Services:  Meet SpArc Services. SpArc nurtures creativity, confidence, and community among adults with disabilities through visual and performing arts classes. The artists collaborate with mentors to develop their craft through art showcases, dance, and theatrical performances.

Studio 3 – GrioXArts: Step inside Studio 3, where you’ll meet dynamic duo – Kara Mshinda and Santé Johnson who are fueled by passion, collaboration, and the ability to push creative boundaries as their styles of photography, textile, and embroidery come together in a harmonious blend.

Studio 4: Meet Athena Scott, a portrait artist who uncovers the depth of the human spirit through delicate brush strokes. Whether it’s pop culture icons, her family members, or strangers who catch her eye, Athena illuminates the souls of her subjects in a complex and beautiful way.