Santé Johnson

Textile and Embroidery

Studio 3

Santé Johnson, one-half of GrioXArts, breathes life into fabric and thread giving way to visual stories that are poignant and transcendent.

GrioXArts (“gree-oh arts”) is a collaborative endeavor fueled by the passion and creativity of Kara Mshinda and  Santé. Hailing from different regions and following diverse academic pathways, their paths converged in the vibrant art scene of Philadelphia. Their union was serendipitous, facilitated by local artist-run galleries. However, it’s their shared dreams and artistic visions that solidified their partnership.

At its core, GrioXArts is a celebration of diversity, a fusion of distinct artistic practices into a harmonious blend that transcends individual boundaries. Their collaborative approach is process-based, a dynamic dance of ideas and mediums. Kara’s background in photography, with its ability to capture moments frozen in time, complements Santé’s expertise in textile arts, where fabric and thread breathe life into abstract ideas. Their art is a dialogue between photography and textiles, where visual storytelling takes center stage.

Take a peek inside Santé’s studio.

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