Michael N. Thomas

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Studio 5

Michael N. Thomas is a Philadelphia-based artist specializing in modern art that evokes poetry and power.

Michael N. Thomas, is a painter, designer, and mixed-media artist hailing from New York City. Growing up in a multicultural household in Queens, New York, he began to use the city as his muse. The son of an Ecuadorian immigrant mother and an American free-spirited father, he learned the importance of creating art at a young age. Now a father himself, he speaks through each piece he creates.

Michael’s use of color and line is both poetic and powerful. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, surrounded by the culture of New York City, inspired his abstract and textured style. Post-punk music, graffiti art, and Nuyorican poetry helped to shape his perspective. He also channels human existence into each piece leaving the viewer to question how art, culture, and life become one.

Michael relocated to Philadelphia in 1998 to attend art school and further his independent growth. He studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and private ateliers. His work appears around the country and is held in many private collections.

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