December 3, 2020 Blog

Holiday Gift Guide

By Jarreau Freeman

The ultimate Cherry Street Pier Gift Guide is here! Support local creatives, while picking up one-of-kind presents that will keep you at the top of the nice list for years to come. We have something for everyone on your holiday checklist:


The person who can never have enough wall art…
For a portrait of Biggie or Tupac, visit Athena Scott’s shop on .

For pineapple prints that will make you smile, visit Ed Marion’s shop at .

For stunning photographs of the Ben Franklin Bridge, James Abbott (studio 11) has you covered, check out his website too ! Also, check out India Abbott’s cinematic creations.

For expressionistic wonders, visit Samantha Billig’s shop at .

The person who is looking to feed their mind and their soul…
For literary treasures such as merchandise, gift cards (the gift that keeps on giving!), and book recommendations, BlueStoop’s guide is where it’s at.

For local sounds, Orchestra 2001’s music shop has a robust collection for every mood.

For safety items like crocheted masks or uplifting paintings, SpArc Services is a must-visit!

For soul-satisfying miniature sculptures of iconic black figures, check out Acori Honzo .

The person who’s hard to shop for…
For custom designs such as coasters, candles, greeting cards, and fanny packs, Sharif Pendleton has it all. Visit Studio 4 (see guidelines) or shop his website .

For virtual workshops, artwork, and more, check out Portside Art Center .

For whimsical kite creations, visit Alice Thompson’s (Orchestra 2001) Esty shop or scroll her portfolio.

The person who’s witty and appreciates cultural satire…
For humorous illustrated items (decor, merchandise, prints) that are stunning AND  expound on the human condition, visit Thomcat23’s online shops at , , and .

For dazzling apparel or vibrant wall art full of pop culture references, check out Jason Alexis Ramirez.


And if shopping isn’t enough, get to know our amazing resident artists even more in these quick and quirky Q&As.