We Are the Seeds

Arts Programs, Cultural Events, and Workshops

Studio 16


We Are the Seeds is an Indigenous-led, non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, committed to amplifying Indigenous voices through the arts. Seeds produces cultural events, programs, and workshops that celebrate and support Indigenous arts, artists, and Native communities throughout North America.

Since its founding in 2016, Seeds has produced more than 140 individual programs including We Are the Seeds Philadelphia, an Indigenous art and culture festival; Sanctuary at Fleisher Art Memorial; and Make Art Philly at City Hall. The organization has partnered with major Philadelphia organizations and created additional programming that included Manifold Meanings at Institute of Contemporary Art; Family Arts Academy at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; CultureFest at the Penn Museum; a finale performance for One Book One Philadelphia at the Free Library; as well as a year-long collaboration with public programming for the Philadelphia Area Creative Collaboratives Program at Haverford College.

The primary goals of the organization are to:

  • Celebrate and educate about contemporary Indigenous arts and culture
  • Create opportunities for Indigenous artists
  • Provide representation for Indigenous peoples

Seeds has been dedicated to educating about Indigenous arts and cultures as a means to understanding Indigenous peoples; the history of what is now called the United States; and who we are as American people today. The truest way to provide representation is to have Indigenous people present their own stories in their own ways and build strong community connections to facilitate a greater movement toward positive change.

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