Prints for Protest

June 3–27
Location: The Gallery
Time: Pier Operating Hours

Our latest exhibition Prints for Protest speaks to how art can be used for political change.

A reaction to the November 2016 presidential election, the Prints for Protest campaign consists of a diverse group of artists and activists who share the belief that art can be used as a tool for political activism and resistance.

The campaign continues to express reflections and rejections on the socio-political obstacles we navigate today. Since 2016, there have been four additional campaigns, which have raised $25,918 to date.

Prints for Protest is a grassroots platform for a community of artists using their craft to support organizations that protect civil rights.

All profits from any sales of prints are divided equally between these collectively identified organizations.

See the exhibition June 3 through June 27 in The Gallery.

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Parking and Directions

Please Note: Construction for the exciting Delaware River Trail is happening along Columbus Boulevard. The project is making headway and will result in a stunning multi-use trail that will increase accessibility to the Waterfront. The trial is scheduled for completion in Fall 2021.