“Twenty Twenty – Twenty Twenty One” Exhibition

April 2–May 31
Location: Terrace

The year 2020 was one of forest fires, the rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), racial violence, economic depression, political turmoil, and more broadly, several tumultuous historical events and personal losses.

In the Pier’s latest exhibition, Twenty Twenty – Twenty Twenty One, mixed-media artists Evan Greensweig, Aaron B. Cohen, and Lucy H. West exhibit works created in their Philly studio in 2020 and 2021. The pieces document these tragic times, yet reflect each artist’s emotional exploration of tragedy and the necessary introspection needed to nurture a fruitful future in a scarred world.

Evan Greensweig
Greensweig’s work encompasses motion and textural depth to convey a momentary glimpse of beauty within the tragedy of a forest fire.

Aaron B. Cohen
Cohen’s work focuses on human-centric interaction through energetic, and expressive mark-making that uses themes of conflict and war to engage in core human emotions such as life, death, love, and community.

Lucy H. West
West’s work conveys the connection between the physical and inner world and visualizes human consciousness to create an experience that reflects themselves in hopes of creating a bridge for the viewer to reflect on their own.

To see more from the artists follow them on social media: Greensweig (@ev3_greensweig); Cohen (@aaronbenjamincohen); and West (@amateluzart).


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