Acori Honzo and James B. Abbott’s “B.E. (Black Excellence)”

June 3–30
Location: The Gallery
Time: Pier Operating Hours

Celebrate Black excellence this Juneteenth by seeing Acori Honzo’s and James B. Abbott’s “B.E. (Black Excellence)” exhibition in the Gallery through June 30.

Honzo’s work pays tribute to some of the most prominent Black figures, past and present, which he depicts in life-like dolls. Though small, his works are packed with love as he pays tribute to those who came before.

Working collaboratively with resident photographer James B. Abbott, the exhibition features both dolls and photography of Honzo’s dolls by Abbott who captures the pieces in a way that breathes more life into them and gives people the ability to focus on the smaller details that are not easily caught when looking at the actual piece.

Together, these Cherry Street Pier artists create a beautiful visual experience that is more than just art that pleases the eye, but art that impacts.

Get to Know more about Acori Honzo in this Q&A. Check out his artist profile, too!

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