StuhmerMeekins’ “Camera Obscura Machina”

September 16–October 13
Location: The Terrace
Time: Pier Operating Hours

The Stuhmer Meekins Studio presents Camera Obscura Machina, an multi-media installation of camera-based sculptures that will be displayed at Cherry Street Pier from September 16 through October 13. The exhibition is free and open to the public. The Pier is open rain or shine.

Marcelino Stuhmer and Dave Meekins are Philadelphia artists and educators who explore the evolution of photography in their latest body of work.

Photography was an expensive hobby for the elite and was kept out of public reach until well into the 20th century. Although the artists wish to tell the story of photography, they also want to explore narratives about class structure and the unmarked agency of white privilege, including the colonial eye.

The work speaks to “progress” and innovation, from the now-antiquated tech like the camera obscura, the box television, and film cameras, to the modern-day camera phones and tablets, to remind us of how far we have come in a few decades. At its core, this exhibition illustrates the connection between analog and digital, the past and present.

Don’t miss Camera Obscura Machina on display September 16 through October 13 on the Terrace.

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