Are you looking for a place to host a small or large group gathering? Cherry Street Pier is the space for you. The spacious industrial Pier is the perfect backdrop for any occasion, with impeccable views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge, cool breezes, and a fun atmosphere.

The *NEW* Quarter Garden Rentals

Experience The Garden at Cherry Street Pier in a new way through our “quarter” Garden rentals. Quickly book online in advance. These quarter sections of the garden allow you to reserve an intimate section of the garden for your special occasion.

Rental fees:

  • Monday through Thursday: $250
  • Friday through Sunday: $350

Book Your Quarter Garden Space Today!

Rental details:

  • Recommended for a minimum of 25 persons. The maximum capacity is 50 persons.
  • Rental duration is two (2) hours, including set-up and breakdown time.
  • Two (2)-quarter sections can be reserved at once for a maximum limit of 100 persons.

Food and beverage packages:

Rental guidelines:

  • No additional storage space is available.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted on the premises.
  • No coolers.
  • No permanent decorations including, but not limited to, staples, tape, sticky tack, adhesives, markers, paint, spray paint, chalk, balloons, confetti (to include confetti cannons and color blasters), etc.
  • No negligence or improper conduct that leads to property, vehicle, or equipment damage.

 Terms and Conditions:

  • Cherry Street Pier is not a climate-controlled facility. It does not have heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) capabilities.
  • The Garden at Cherry Street Pier is considered an outdoor venue. For the safety of all visitors, we may close The Garden for inclement weather. Guests will be notified of closures and cancellations two (2) hours before the rental starts.
  • Amplified sound is not permitted in The Garden at Cherry Street Pier.
  • Pay-as-you-go street parking is available on Columbus Blvd. Nearby parking lots are also available at first-come, first-served rates.
  • Furniture is limited and laid out specifically for the public’s use. Renters are responsible for additional seating accommodations. Any furniture a third party arranges must be communicated to DRWC Management for pre-approval.
  • Outside food and catering are permitted when prearranged and pre-approved by DRWC Management.

Please note: The Pier is not your “typical” venue. We remain open to the public daily. Due to limited capacity, DRWC does not provide full-service staffing for rentals. Renters should acquire an on-site professional team to assist with their event. DRWC does not offer reputable vendors or any production service.

Additional Rental Opportunities

Cherry Street Pier provides several event rental opportunities throughout the Pier. Additional spaces include full Pier rentals, full garden rentals, marketplace rentals, and terrace rentals. Learn more about these spaces! To inquire, please get in touch with our team at

Cherry Street Pier Rental and Bar Packages