December 9, 2020 Blog

Get to Know Samantha Billig

Get to know Cherry Street Pier mixed-media artist Samantha Billig in this fast and fun Q&A where she shares her dreams of partnering with organizations to host afterschool programs focused on expressionism; her tips for counteracting the isolation during the pandemic; gushes about Philly’s best-kept secrets, and more in this 5-minute read.

What would you consider one of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets?
The view of the city skyline from the Ben Franklin Bridge and Kelly Drive.

What’s your favorite piece of art that you didn’t create?
My favorite piece of art that I didn’t create is Oltremare by Callen Shaub.

The creative/artistic life can often feel isolating. What do you do to counteract that?
I find that creative/artistic life does often feel isolating; however, if you tune into the isolation and embrace it as a reason to find inspiration it can be liberating. For example, I will travel, go outside into nature, read, check things off my bucket list, and workout to find inspiration.

 What’s invisible but you wish people could see and why?
Energy because you would be able to know before interacting with someone what type of energy they are carrying whether it’s positive or negative; high or low. It could change our perception of who we engage with.

What’s your personal mission or vision?
I am hoping in the future my fine art career will allow me to connect with organizations that are looking to provide expressive after-school arts programs for kids.

 What was the most memorable response someone has had to your work?
The most memorable response I got was from former Cherry Street Pier artist Carla Fisher who told me my work was going to make it far. A college art professor also told me I am an artist – there’s no questioning that. Both were so rewarding to hear.

 Is cereal soup? Why or why not?
Soup, technically because in some countries soup is served cold with minimal ingredients.

 Name three artists to whom you’d like to be compared. Why?
Callen Shaub, Jackson Pollock, and Henri Matisse. All three successfully developed expression through their work and reached many people.

What kind of secret society would you like to start?
A secret society to help people heal from whatever they are struggling with.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?
The most embarrassing thing I ever wore was a witch costume.


Follow Samantha on social media at @samnicoleart.
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