“Places of Power – Colobó Garden” presented by Termite TV Collective (Anula Shetty and Michael Kuetemeyer)

April 5–30
Location: Second-Floor Gallery
Time: Pier Operating Hours

Join us for the Places of Power – Colobó Garden presented by Termite TV Collective (Anula Shetty and Michael Kuetemeyer) on display in the second-floor gallery April 5 through April 30 at the Pier.

​Villa Africana Colobó Garden is an immersive AR/VR documentary and community media project celebrating the oral histories of the Latine community in North Philadelphia and the legacy of Grupo Motivos, a group of Puerto Rican women who transformed vacant city lots into vibrant community gardens.

This project is part of Termite TV CollectivePlaces of Power project. The exhibit consists of 16 metal prints installed on the shipping container walls of the balcony space and a six-foot diameter by four-foot high circular printed cloth displaying a 360-degree panorama of the Colobó Garden on the outside and the inside of the Storytelling Room on the other side. The 16 metal prints are augmented reality (A/R) targets that trigger community-produced videos telling personal stories of this garden that celebrates the African heritage of Puerto Rico.

Know Before You Go