“Candid Cosplay” by Rebecca de Maul (Philly Otaku)

April 5–28
Location: Cherry Street Pier
Time: Pier Operating Hours

Join us for the “Candid Cosplay” photo exhibition featuring works by resident artist  Rebecca de Maul (Studio 7) on display from April 5 through April 28 at the Pier.

Celebrate the opening at First Friday on Friday, April 5 from 4 pm to 9 pm.

If you are captivated by the vibrant world of cosplay and find immense inspiration in the creativity and dedication of those who bring fictional characters to life, then don’t miss this special exhibition.

Cosplay is more than just wearing a costume; it’s an act of love and devotion — stepping into the shoes of a beloved character. Through her lens,  de Maul captures a spark; the duality between reality and fantasy. These candid moments, preserved with an iPhone, reveal the cosplayers, authenticity— their vulnerability and strength.

About Rebecca de Maul
Rebecca de Maul has been documenting cosplay since 2016 after attending her first Comic Com and witnessing, in person, the incredible ingenuity and passion that people poured into their cosplay. Today she roams convention halls as a fleeting observer, spending mere minutes with each cosplayer. Yet within those brief encounters, something magical unfolds.

Know Before You Go