Slum Art Nigeria hosted by Walls for Justice

February 1–26
Location: Second Floor Gallery
Time: Pier Operating Hours

Join us for Slum Art Nigeria, an exhibition that explores works created by waste scrap paper from students in Lagos, Nigeria. The exhibition, hosted by Walls for Justice, will be on display from February 1 through February 26 in Cherry Street Pier’s second-floor gallery.

An opening reception will be held on February 2 during First Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm.

About the SlumArt Foundation
The SlumArt Foundation is a charitable organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since its inception, the organization has been working to educate and empower youth living in underestimated and underserved communities through mentorship, arts/STEM education, and project-based learning. In the Spring of 2022, SlumArt Foundation collaborated with a NYC-based nonprofit Waste Reduction Art Project, Inc. in delivering an engaging art creation workshop to children in Lagos, Nigeria. Derek Gores – one of the world’s most renowned recycled art creators, and WRAP’s artist-in-residence, taught SlumArt kids how to create art from waste scrap paper via a remote workshop. The workshop went viral and 460 kids in Nigeria have created over 500 works of art inspired by Derek’s technique. You can learn more.

  Know Before You Go