SpArc Services presents “SpArc Rocks” part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

September 15
Location: Cherry Street Pier
Time: 5 pm

Join us for “SpArc Rocks” featuring the SpArc Players as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival on September 15 from 5 pm to 6 pm. All ages. Free and open to the public.

This show offers comedic skits and musical inventions, two modes of performance that the artists have been honing and rehearsing.

The music component includes songs written by the participants, inspired by everything from their families to space monsters to the feelings you get on a rainy day. The comedy component of the show focuses on skits developed by the artists. Comedy is a form of performance that can address, satirize, and confront issues of power, so we sought to empower the artists with instruction on the delivery of comedy.

The performers in “SpArc Rocks” are artists at the Cultural Arts program of SpArc Services, a nonprofit dedicated to serving people with disabilities.

The Cultural Arts Center at SpArc Services provides a holistic curriculum in the arts through weekly classes in visual arts, ceramics, music, film, theater, fashion, and dance. The Cultural Arts Centers also provide participants with outings to cultural venues and connections with other arts-based organizations.

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