Lino Kino Public Access Installation

September 6–28
Location: Jumbotron

We’re excited to bring a stellar contemporary video art, experimental film, and animation installation curated by local Philadelphia media arts collective, Lino Kino to Cherry Street Pier from September 6-September 28.

Lino Kino Media Arts Collective is a Philadelphia-based media art collective dedicated to exploring new approaches to an experimental art exhibition. The installation will feature more than 30 participating artists and an information station where attendees can learn more about each featured artist.

The central idea behind ​Public Access is to present the public with an entry point into the worlds of video art and experimental film. Due to their very nature as time-based mediums, film and video require particular circumstances in order to be viewed. The internet has helped democratize the mediums, with resources like ubuweb providing easily accessible digital archives of experimental art. However, the fact still remains that many people will only ever interact with this kind of art in a gallery or museum.

In response to this state of affairs, ​Public Access adopts one of the central conceits of television as its animating principle: what’s on is what’s on and the viewer has no say in the matter. This is a concept that has been largely lost in the days of streaming. There has always been a certain mystique to the television and the potential for discovery that came along with it being a linear viewing experience. Likewise, public access television, from which the installation gets its name, has often played host to the most eccentric and the most engaging media on the airwaves. Many artists have used public access television to disseminate their artistic visions, from the Videofreex to Tony Conrad.

As an installation, ​Public Access will function similarly to the television stations from which it gets its name. The structure of the program is unclear to the viewer. There is no choice about what to watch and when. Instead, they can choose to look up at the screen, see what’s on, and enjoy it as they see fit. The aim of this unique viewing experience is that it will engender a growing curiosity in experimental art among the public.

Featured  artists include: Adam Peditto, Adriana Smith, Alex Faoro & Helena Deda, Andrew Behm, Catherine Donohue, Cherry H, Dana Suleymanova, Emily van Loan, Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Hogan Seidel, Hsin-Yu Chen, Jared Defrees, Jason Hendrickson, Joan Giroux & Lisa Kaftori, Juyi Mao, Kate Elizabeth Hinsaw, Lorenzo Gattorna, Matt Dalrymple, Matt Sparks, Matt Ober, Michael Ipsen, Olivia Couri, Oona Taper, Panu Johansson, Pau Pascual, Rat Porridge, Renata Daguerre, Rusty Eveland, Saif Alsaegh, Samuel Dellert, Sara Bonaventura, Sierra Rivers Hollister, Sofiah Reh, Tia Bray, Zach Hill, & Zoe Grieze.


Free and open to the public.
Wheelchair accessible.
Dogs on leashes are welcome.