SunKissed Group

Short Film, Poetry, Music, Art, Journalism

Studio 11

SunKissed Media Group is an art collective dedicated to the creation and amplification of art rooted in challenging the perceptions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous women.

Founded by Shameka Sawyer and Tia Whitfield,  the SunKissed Group is a platform created to amplify the voices and experiences of Black, Brown, and Indigenous women. Our platform consists of short-form videos, short stories, photography exhibitions, and poetry created by Black, Brown, and Indigenous women working toward social justice, equity, and inclusion.

We are:

  • Amplifying local Black and Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) Women Creators
  • A safe space for building community
  • Providing a pipeline to financial and artistic support
  • A space where audiences can interact and support creators
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