Samantha Billig

Mixed-Media Artist

Samantha is an artist who is inspired by self-expression and positively influencing others to express themselves.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania Samantha became inspired to create consistently after a severe concussion that affected her vision and led her to search for a positive, healing, and expressive outlet to progress her recovery. Being creative always came naturally to her and was an active part of her childhood. Her mother used to draw and paint with her as a way for them to bond together. Samantha graduated with a business degree in August 2015 and is currently working on a second degree.

When viewing her work you will notice that as an artist she strives to make you experience ‘art in its most vulnerable form.’ She has created a specific expressive and freeing method that makes her work unique.  Working primarily with a combination of alcohol ink, epoxy resin, and spray paints. These materials support the liberating paint process she has created.

Early in her artist career Samantha became a fellow of CFVEA, participated in various art events, and commissioned a brand piece for Visonare clothing company in Miami FL. She currently has work displayed in San Rafael, California, and a piece that is part of a mosaic in Venice, Italy. She was selected for a year-long art residency in Philadelphia, PA at Cherry St. Pier Studio 13 and nominated to display her work in Arts & Scholars at her college in 2020.

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