Samantha Billig

Mixed-Media Artist

Samantha is an artist who is inspired by self-expression and positively influencing others to express themselves.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Samantha Billig was inspired to create after suffering a severe concussion while working in the mental health field. This injury affected her vision and was the catalyst for her search for a positive and healing outlet to progress her recovery. Artistic creation was an integral part of her childhood, as she and her mother bonded—and decompressed—overdrawing and painting.

When viewing Samantha’s work, visitors will notice she strives to showcase ‘art in its most vulnerable form.’ Working primarily with a combination of alcohol inks, epoxy resin, and spray paints, her semi-uncontrolled method exemplifies her liberating paint process.

Early in her artist career, Samantha became a fellow of the Center for Visual Emerging Artists (CFVEA), donated art to a fundraiser, participated in various art events, and commissioned work for several clients and a Miami-based business. In 2019, her work appeared in the media and she was nominated for arts and scholars at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

Samantha’s work is currently on view in a gallery in San Rafael, California, and featured in a mosaic in Venice, Italy. She will continue to send her work to galleries/shows, donate art to charities, and accept new commissions. Samantha hopes to raise enough money through her fine art sales to connect with after school organizations and increase access to expressive arts for urban youth.

At Cherry Street Pier, she is perfecting her craft, holding expressive workshops, and displaying/selling her work alongside other resident artists. Samantha graduated with a business degree in 2015 and is currently working on a second degree during her residency.

Follow her artistic journey updates on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook: @samnicoleart.

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